Godox Soft Tent for Dainty ML30 and ML30Bi LED Lights

  • For Dainty ML30 and ML30Bi LED Lights
  • Diffuses Lights
Designed for illuminating objects and people, this Soft Tent from Godox provides you with a diffuse and even light. It expands the light’s beam spread and lets you quickly take advantage of variable lighting effects.
Rectangle to Round Head Adapter:
Rectangle to Round Head adapter is applicable to most square head flash, such as the Godox V860III/V860II/V850III/TT685II/TT685/TT600/TT560II/TT520II/TT660S/AD200 square head flashes of other brands.
Godox Mount Adapter:
Godox Mount Adapter is applicable to all Godox Video Lights.
Pleasant Softness:
Wrap your Light into the tent or dome and you will get pleasant softness for beauty look.
By Soft Tent you get even panel light with changeable softness, at cost of just one modifier. Take advantage of variable light effects for all your needs!
Load Free:
Soft Material makes them lightweight and flexible in shape, easily to be squeezed as small as possible for storage or transportation.

Designed For Use With:

  • Godox ML30
  • Godox ML30Bi
  • Godox ML60 ML30 LED 3-LIGHT KIT
  • Godox ML60BI/ML30BI LED 3-Light Kit

In The Box: 

  • Soft Tent for Dainty ML30 and ML30Bi LED Lights
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Godox Mount Adapter
  • Round Head Adapter
  • Rectangle to Round Head Adapter


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