IRIX 21mm T1.5 Cine Lens (Sony E, Feet)

  • Covers Full-Frame Sensor Size
  • 43.3mm Image Circle, Sony E Mount
  • Aperture Range: T21.5 to T16
  • Engraved, Luminous Focus Marks in Feet
  • 95mm Front Diameter
  • Rounded, 11-Blade Aperture
  • 180° Focus, 75° Iris Rotation
  • Adaptive Focus Ring for Manual/Motor Use
  • 4 x Seals for Weather Resistance

    IRIX 21mm T1.5 Sony-E Feet Cine Lens, Designed for up to 8K cine-style image capture, the Sony E-mount 21mm T1.5 Cine Lens from IRIX produces a distortion-free, wider-angle look that is compatible with sensor sizes up to full-frame 35mm. External features include a 95mm front diameter, 0.8 MOD gears, luminous focus marks in feet, and a detachable 1/4″-20 support foot. Internally, 11 blades produce smooth, rounded bokeh, and four seals protect against inclement weather and dust. A fast T1.5 maximum aperture enables the IRIX 21mm T1.5 Cine Lens to capture images in low light conditions without the need for super-high ISO settings.

    This lightweight, aluminum/magnesium alloy lens produces smooth, rounded bokeh, color, and contrast that matches the T1.5 30 and 45mm primes in the IRIX Cine series. An adaptive focus ring delivers smooth focusing whether used manually or with a lens motor.

    Wide 21mm Focal Length

    Wide 21mm focal length with a Sony E lens mount is ideal for distortion-free capture in tight spaces

    Full-Frame Coverage

    The 43.3mm image circle of this lens covers up to full-frame format sensors

    Rounded Bokeh

    Produces the “IRIX look” with shallow depth of field and an 11-blade iris for smooth, rounded bokeh

    Fast T1.5 Aperture

    • Fast T1.5 maximum aperture enables you to capture images in low light levels without having to crank up your ISO setting
    • The 21mm is the widest of the IRIX T1.5 lenses, the others being the 30 and 45mm primes with matching maximum aperture, color, and contrast

    Weather Sealing

    Sealed against rain, snow, and dust like the rest of the IRIX cine series and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures

    0.8 MOD Gears

    Cine-style 0.8 MOD geared focus and aperture rings

    95mm Front Diameter

    Industry-standard 95mm front diameter is compatible with most matte boxes

    Focus Marks in Feet

    Luminous markings in feet are engraved for durability

    Smooth Focusing

    Focus ring adjusts smoothly between manual and motor control


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