Broaden your range of lens choices with the Viltrox EF-R2 adapter ring, which permits attaching Canon EF/EF-S-mount lenses on a Canon RF-mount mirrorless camera body. This versatile adapter incorporates a customizable control ring, which permits adapter ring-based adjustment of exposure settings, including ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure compensation. The adapter’s design also features gold-plated electronic contacts to maintain autofocus, auto-exposure, and image stabilization capabilities, as well as transfer Exif data to the camera body. Additionally, it also has an integrated USB port for making firmware updates and the ring is constructed from aluminum and copper alloy components for durability and rigidity.

Austable Adapter Ring
Canon EF / EF-S lens transfer to Canon EOSR / RP.

Canon EOS R Adapter Ring
EF-R2 adapter ring with built-in pure copper with gold-plated electronic contacts supports auto focus.Functions of the control ring can be customized, and firmware upgrade is via USB port.

Customized Functions of The Ring
Distinguished from RF lens, EF-R2 adapter has an adjustable control ring.

Compact and Beautiful – Canon EOS R/RP Adapter Ring
From lightweight to professional, for Canon EF/EF-S lens attaching to Canon EOS R / RP professional mirrorless, extend your lens choices for the beloved camera.

Compatible with Canon lenses
The huge lens lineup can meet your different needs of shooting.

Support EXIF Information Transmission
Metal electronic contacts greatly improve the conductivity. After the lens is mounted, you can view the shutter, aperture, ISO and other parameter information on the camera.

Support Lens Stabilization
Supports lens image stabilization technology of the Canon lens IS image stabilizer, which effectively eliminates image ghosting and blurring caused by sports shooting or holding shaking.

USB Firmware Upgrade
There is a built-in firmware upgrade port of the adapter to let it be updated to get compatible with newly released lenses or cameras on the market.

Metal Electronic Contacts
Using copper gold-plated electronic contacts to enhance the EXIF information transmitting performance between the lens and the body.

Precision Metal Structure – Durable and sturdy copper metal bayonet
The bayonet is made of pure copper and the surface is plated, and the adjustment control ring is made of aluminum…

Viltrox EF-R2 Canon EF Lens to Canon RF Camera Mount Adapter