Podcasts, Live Sound, and Studio Recordings – LiveTrak L-8 Does It All!

Zoom LiveTrak L-8 8-channel Digital Mixer / Recorder, An all-in-one solution for podcasters, musicians, and location recorders, the LiveTrack LK-8 provides incredible functionality in a compact, portable unit. Built for efficient and streamlined podcast production, Live Trak L-8 delivers the features content creators want: four individual headphone outputs for multiple musicians, onboard sound trigger pads for prerecorded inserts, and a foolproof interface for call-in interviews. Sweetwater’s gigging musicians agree LiveTrak L-8 is a great companion for singer-songwriters and small bands, offering high-quality sound from Zoom’s famously transparent preamps and onboard processors. However, LIveTrak L-8 is not limited to capturing live performances. It also acts as a 12-tracker recorder and interface for your home studio.

Primed for Podcasters and Content Creators

LiveTrack L-8’s feature set is perfectly suited to podcasters and content creators. With six onboard pads, you can easily trigger intros, foley FX, ads, and prerecorded interviews. For call-in interviews, simply connect a phone via the included 3.5mm TRRS cable or route audio from computer call apps, such as Skype, over USB. Additionally, LiveTrak L-8’s mix-minus function eliminates troublesome echo and feedback from and to your caller, so you never have to worry about blowing out your listeners’ ears. LiveTrak L-8 also includes four headphone outputs for multiple hosts or in-studio guests so that they can hear each other clearly during spirited discussions!

Zoom LiveTrak L-8 8-channel Digital Mixer / Recorder

Ideal Small Venue Mixer and Live Recorder

If you’re a singer-songwriter or small band, LiveTrak L-8 is an ideal mixer for coffeehouse and club shows. Create up to three individual monitor mixes, add depth with the FX section, and dial in the perfect tone for each performer with LiveTrak L-8’s 3-band EQ. Want to drop some pro-quality live cuts on your fans? Live-Trak L-8 lets you capture performances on an SD card for post-production editing and mixing in your DAW of choice. And with its small footprint and robust build, you can chuck it in a travel bag and haul it to show after show.

Move from the Stage to the Home Studio with Ease

The LiveTrak L-8 doubles as a 24-Bit/96kHz USB 12-track recorder for home studio use. Take advantage of its six audio channels, two line inputs, 2 hi-Z inputs, and two USB inputs to record larger ensembles. Because the LiveTrak L-8 is battery powered and extremely portable, you can break out of the confines of the studio and record outdoors or in alternate and inspiring locations without access to power.


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